The Brand

EL GINDI is a Fine Jewellery brand positioned in the realm of Elegance and Urbanity. One of a kind Jewellery Pieces are created for the one of a kind Woman. Independence, Grit and Curiosity are what we seek for and what we want to give.

Every piece is made-to-order in Germany, in pursuance of the highest quality possible.

We thrive to meet the extremes: Luxury and Humbleness, Innovation and Tradition, Seriosity and Good Will. 

The Designer

Dina El Gindi has found her love for design at a very young age, completing her first internship with an interior designer at the age of fourteen. During her studies her passion for architecture and interior design grew, second only to her never ending love for fashion and jewellery.

Completing her master studies in architecture, 3D printing became a relevant design element and the idea of combining digital knowledge with a unique sense of shapes and composition inspired her to design the first EL GINDI collection.

Dina draws inspiration from a life influenced by her Egyptian-German background. This cultural diversity is the key to speak in her very own design language. 
The strong confident women in her family are Dinas role models and a big influence to her designs. Born and raised in Germany, Dina chose to manufacture her pieces in Germany not only to create exceptional designs with her jewellery but also to ensure the highest quality possible. Her ambition is to pass on the confidence she encountered in her family.