EL GINDI is a German fine jewellery brand, founded in 2019 by Dina El Gindi.

Dina has always loved fashion, jewellery and design. One of the most interesting parts for her was to observe how fashion and design mirror the cultural situation in the world.


She came across digital design and 3D print during her architecture studies. Pairing her love for fashion/jewellery and her design background, she decided to found the fine jewellery brand EL GINDI while doing her masters in architecture. 

Dina is half German and half Egyptian. Her Egyptian background and the line of strong women in her family have given her a high appreciation for fine jewellery, especially solid gold. The longevity and beauty of gold are what makes it so precious. Gold has always had an important position in society.

Gold played a role as a currency and valued metal for jewellery and other prized objects throughout history. Gold was noticed by early civilizations. The first written reference occurs in the 12th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt around 1900BC. Throughout history gold is variously viewed as a symbol of wealth, goodness, wisdom and eternity. Human achievements are often rewarded with gold such as a gold star or gold metal. Gold is associated with foundational knowledge such as the golden rule or golden ratio. Wedding rings are traditionally made from gold to symbolize eternal vows.


EL GINDI thrives to reflect momentary cultural flows through fine jewelelry. Each collection is informed by a relevant societal topic and is inspired by the presence.  

With her first collections Dina decided to address three main topics:

First of all, ethical manufacturing. In times determined by climate change there is no doubt that all her pieces have to be made in an ethical, sustainable way. So, she decided to produce all the jewellery in Germany by a family of goldsmiths. Gold mining can have a horrible social and environmental impact; this is why EL GINDI reuses existing jewellery, remains from the gold processing and industrial use to create the jewellery pieces. EL GINDI sets high value on knowing the supply chain and working with responsible manufacturers and vendors. Every piece is made of recycled gold. Besides, every piece is made to order, avoiding an unnecessary overproduction.

The second topic that influenced her designs is minimalism.

Minimalism has been—and continues to be—one of the most influential movements of the 20th and 21st centuries across art, architecture, product design, music, and more. A reaction against excess, this Zen-like approach aims for the intersection of simplicity, utility, and elegance by stripping away ostentation and non-necessary layers. Of course Dinas architectural education plays a role in that design decision. The thought that a product has to be nice to look at as well as producible and practical are deeply installed in her. The minimalist style is to be found in The Essentials Collection, which offers clean modern pieces in simple shapes, which convey elegance and sophistication.

Last but not least (for now) is the idea of personalization.

Nowadays, we love pieces that clearly say “that’s mine”… and EL GINDI wants to give you that. With The Character Collection, The Block Collection and The Signet Collection EL GINDI offers personalised pieces that carry your name, favourite word, letter or number. These pieces are crafted combining innovative and traditional techniques: 3D print, casting and handicraft. With the personalised pieces you can get creative yourself and develop a piece that will stay with you forever.


Even though EL GINDI-designs change with time, some characteristics stay throughout every collection and every season: the promise of the highest quality possible and an element of surprise with every collection.

Dina hopes to bring joy with her designs to the ones who love EL GINDI and to pass on the confidence she encountered in her family to her buyers.