Classic Essential Ring


The Classic Essential Ring can do both: stand back and let other jewellery pieces shine or be the star of the show. 

Handcrafted in 14k solid recycelt gold by our goldsmiths in Germany. 

Width 0,3cm
Thickness 0,13cm

Please note that small imperfections can appear due to the process of manual craftsmanship.

If you choose whitegold please keep in mind that we do not rhodium-plate our jewellery, because we want to avoid discolorations. Therefore our whitegold jewellery is slightly darker than rodium-platet whitegold and it will not change its colour by time, like rhodium-plated whitegold could do.

To help you with your size, we provide information here.


All our pieces are made to order personally for you! We want to give you the possibility to have unique and individual gold jewellery and also avoid over production to protect our environment. 
Please understand that this makes it impossible for us to take back purchased pieces, unless they have defects of course.