Why recycled gold ? Why recycled gold ?

Why recycled gold ?

Why recycled gold ? Why recycled gold ?

The mind-set is changing... we are becoming more aware of what we have been doing to our environment in the last years and decades. We are becoming aware that we have to change our lifestyles and behaviours. Climate change is real!

Every industry is affected. Whether it's infrastructures and buildings, energy, agriculture and forestry, tourism, technology... or the fashion and jewellery industry! Recycling has become a big word in the fashion and jewellery industry and it is important to make it even bigger!

For us it's recycled gold. Why should we use recycled gold?

First of all, there is so much gold existing in the world. Not only as gold jewellery, but in dental gold and electrical waste for example. It is relatively easy to  melt the gold and reuse it for other purposes. So why should we mine new gold, when we know that it has a very bad impact on the environment and the conditions for the human beings who have to mine the gold are very bad.

Gold mining can have horrible effects on the environment such as the contamination of water with gold and therefore poisoned drinking water, toxic waste, the destruction of the nature and coming with that the destruction of animal and plant diversity. Other than that, dangerous accidents can happen while mining and sometimes gold is mined by children.

Let's try to prohibit gold mining as much as possible and choose recycled gold instead. Our environment and nature deserve it.